Traverse Business Consulting provides comprehensive sales and business development consulting and business liaison services that allow North American small to medium companies to benefit from the company’s extensive consulting experience and business networks. The company offers three key services: Lead Generation and Sales Consulting, Digital Transformation and Technical Training, and APAC Market Strategic Planning. On behalf of its clients Traverse executes these tasks either as an external consulting service provider or an independent business development agent.

The Management Team

Samuel Bi, Principal

With a Bachelor of Science background, Samuel started his career as a sales executive in multinational companies like Texas instruments, STMicroelectronics and Rise Enterprise in Asia.  After immigrating to Canada with his family in 2001, Samuel enrolled in Simon Fraser University’s Management of Technology MBA program at Harbour Centre Campus, and received his master degree in 2003.  Prior to founding Traverse Business Consulting, Samuel enjoyed a successful career in facilitating business expansion to Asia for North American high-tech companies.  He has provided both business and technical consulting services to small to large corporations such as MDA Corporation, NCR/Raytheon Professional, CopperLeaf, Acura Embedded, etc. His business experience spans from business development, account management, to channel management.  Described by his friends as confident, energetic, and sincere, Samuel is often seen in business as a visionary strategist and a resilient future entrepreneur.

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Your new business development initiatives and expansion plan starts with a complete understanding and analysis of your business needs.  Please call us to make an appointment for a 30 minutes free business consultation.

Traverse Business Consulting

Tel:           1.604.538.7139