Customer Profile and Challenges

Our client is a manufacturer of rugged industrial computers, interactive touchscreen panels and digital video recorders, which enable industrial users work uninterrupted in harsh environments and extreme weather conditions. Located in Langley BC, the company distributes its industrial computing products and systems to address the needs of their clients in heavy duty industries like oil and gas, mining, first responders, military, and industrial automation.

After in operation for nearly 20 years, our client was facing more fierce competition in its traditional target markets, and experienced a growth bottleneck. To drive new revenue and penetrate to new market verticals, at the end of 2018, the company decided re-strategize its market segmentations and focus on high-growth market sectors.

Customer Objectives

The revenue stream from traditional sales channels can no longer sustain our clients’ operation while maintaining a healthy profit margin, and therefore operation cash flow. After a few rounds of management meetings with Traverse, our client started to see the benefit of refocusing its effort in new market vertical – Oil and Gas Directional Drilling. With this, our client needs to formulate a new set of effective sales and marketing strategy to accurately address the needs of target market segments.

Our Services

Traverse Business Consulting was engaged in the end of 2018 to develop a new sales and marketing strategy, including social media, tradeshow, customer profiling, sales tactics, negotiation and closing. Not only was Traverse involved in business planning, but also was tasked to execute the strategy. The deliverables of works included:

  • Develop go-to-market strategy and sales tactics, and assist to refine company product and marketing strategy on product solution offering, social media, and tradeshow events.
  • Manage the complete sales development cycle, from demand generation, lead conversion to enquiries, to negotiation and closing deals.
  • Perform target customer profiling and capture relevant customer data to generate a solid database for email marketing and cold calling.
  • Prospect North American oil and gas, and industrial automation clients to promote industrial computer solutions.
  • Exhibit in major NA industry conference and tradeshows including OTC (Offshore Technology Conference), GPS (Global Petroleum Show), and ISA Automation Expo & Conference.
  • Coordinate with internal teams to respond to customer inquiries on custom system design, request for quote, production progress, product delivery, and service requests.


By the end of the first year of contracting Traverse’s services, our client has increased its revenue by $300K from newly signed up clients alone. By the end of the second year, the new revenue generated from new clients brought into the company by Traverse amounted to $1million.


Customer Profile and Challenge

Our client is a leading provider of earth and space based information solution in the world.  With over 3000 employees and 15 offices worldwide, our client provides solutions that capture and process large amounts of data, produce essential information, and improve the decision making and operational performance of business and government organizations.

With its established businesses operation in North America and Europe, the company has secured its market leadership positions in these countries.  To drive its future growth and sustain global market leadership, the company management is urged to strategically expand to the fast-growing Chinese market.

Customer Objectives

Different from traditional satellite data products, expanding the company’s information solution sales to the target market requires a different set of strategy.  To formulate and test the strategy against factual data, it is seen critical to accurately mapping the target market status quo and predicting future market trend.   Included in the objectives of the first phase of the market entry were target customers and market size analysis, market regulation and key influencers analysis, competition analysis, and potential partners search.

Our Services

Traverse Business Consulting was engaged in August of 2009 to assist in the business planning of the Chinese market expansion in four target markets sectors. With minimal initial product training, Traverse successfully carried out the initial phase of the market assessment within pre-defined project time, and a detailed report was generated for each target market.

Based on the client’s technologies and its target applications, Traverse quickly identified and included in the project scope the type of information that is relevant to our client’s business expansion to China.  A detailed industry organization structure was tree-mapped and thoroughly analyzed, and a comprehensive business database that includes every aspect of the target market was generated.   A holistic view of the target industry and the target sector it intends to serve was then presented in a word report.  The scope of the work performed included:

  • Target market size analysis
  • Market regulations that are relevant to the target applications
  • Competitive analysis
  • Executive summary and strategic recommendations
  • Channel partner search and screening


“Traverse’s output has been of excellent quality – he has quickly ramped on the market conditions and Technology for several disparate industries, and provided comprehensive, high-quality data and analysis to assist us with our market entry strategy…”


“You’ve done a tremendous job on this project, and we’ve got some very good leads and conversations going as a result of your work…I would like to be able to continue to call on you, as required, for support of future discussions and work with the potential Chinese acquirers”

— Aqua Merger & Aquisition

“You’ve done a great job on this, Samuel, and I appreciate your level of professionalism and disciplined approach to work.  You’re a good example for others to follow.  I was really fortunate to have you as part of this team.  Thanks for all your excellent work!”

— Gary Hedlund, Sr. Program Manager, Raytheon Professional Services

“Samuel has proven to be extremely reliable, hard-working, and professional in his work, and is very good at communicating his results. He is extremely resourceful in his research, and able to identify which information is most relevant and useful for real-world business planning. Further, he has been a “low maintenance” contractor who has required minimal support and guidance from MDA, after the initial training and project launch.”

— Tim Botham, Vice President Strategic Development, MDA Corporation

“I want you to know that I thought you were doing a good job, and working diligently…I have you to thank for helping me in beginning to understand the market in China, although I am still learning.”

— David Sheets, Global Distribution Sales Manager, Cutera

“Samuel approaches his job with a passion rarely seen in most individuals, and has the unique ability to relate to people of all ages. One only has to speak to him to recognize his eagerness and openness. Samuel began working with Robson as a Sales Executive, and was quick to help us make strategic changes to drive sales. Within a few weeks of learning about Robson and our products, we was able to increase the leads in the pipeline and generate significant interest in our business.”

— Kim Mackintosh, Operation Manager, Robson Communications